The Alchemilla Luxury Hygiene Solutions have been created during the first lockdown in Italy, to offer new design solutions to the emerging need for hand sanitation in shared spaces, enhancing the perception of hygiene by means of unique objects that fit naturally into any pre-existing environment, without having to stoop to compromises with style.

Providing maximum safety in shared environments, representing the ideal solutions for those locations built to maximize customer experience, is born a complete line of design solutions for dispenser holders of sanitizing gel and liquid soap at the service of the redesign of residential and business environments to meet the new life needs that emerged.

Our products have been thought for the widest range of possible use thanks to their qualities.
The combination of elegant design, technology and craftmanship, creates long lasting amazing aesthetic product with high quality materials forged by experienced manufacturing skill, 100% made in Italy.

The entire line is made of electropolished stainless steel with a powder finish to offer maximum resistance and durability both indoor and outdoor environments, included bad conditions such as contact with bed weather and salt.

Like an art object with a practical function, the different finishes, from the most essential to the luxurious 24K gold, can match with any layout, contributing to the pleasant beauty of every different space.
Thanks to quick and simple installation, also for the wall-mounted models, Alchemilla’s creations manage to be easily insert into any furnishing context as public spaces, offices, hotels, SPA, schools and private residences, harmonically enriching what is yet created or have to be projected.

Constant efforts have been dedicated in realizing different variations of dispenser holders as the anti-theft function to avoid the theft of the bottle, and contactless function to maximize sanitary measures thanks to the elbow or pedal control for dispensing the liquid, which make these ideal for placing in spaces in contact with public.

Elegance, simplicity and functionality are the quintessence of our products and Alchemilla’s team every day work in order to provide our customers reach the maximum satisfaction, all over the world.

Our team vision is project Alchemilla into the future, never arresting process of development, constantly improving the services we can offer and, above all, expanding the horizon of our products with new ideas and partnerships to follow the continue changes of trends, markets and our costumers’ requirements.

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