Airforce was born in Fabriano, Italy, on February 13th, 1997, and aims as a craftsman of innovation, who makes of research, development and quality its mission, looking to the future while remaining firm to its origins.

Airforce is a company deeply rooted in the territory, in fact the entire production of kitchen hoods, induction hobs, hobs with extraction and outdoor range is in Fabriano, a town in the heart of the Marche region and an important industrial district for the production of paper and household appliances.

Airforce strongly appreciates the partnership created over the years with ILVA Glass, Manufacturer Company based in Pesaro, Italian leader in the production of glass components for the Appliance Sector. With the brand ELECTA®, ILVA Glass supplies high quality Glass Ceramic for Airforce cooktops and several household appliances. Thanks to the collaboration with ILVA Glass Technical staff and lean production technologies, Airforce can trust a solid know-how and an ever-evolving expertise to deliver innovative products to the market, with a high level of efficiency and significant cost reduction.

For Airforce Made in Italy is a fundamental principle, a value to be transmitted through design, care to detail and the continuous research for new solutions.

Choosing the ideal kitchen hood requires great care. Wall hoods, island hoods, ceiling hoods: each hood model is designed to meet specific needs of functionality and décor, ensuring a perfect air renewal in every type of environment.

Airforce is a company that also lives on relationships and daily dialogue with its customers, because customer satisfaction is and will always remain our guideline.

We can define our idea of hood for the future as something “holistic”: from innovative odour filtering systems to performing and low consumption axial motors, lighting systems that can integrate with the home environment by adjusting the Kelvin degrees, energy saving and energy classes, low acoustic level, to allow people to continue to cook while relaxing in the intimacy of the house. The use of materials such as porcelain stoneware that also give the kitchen a unique look, induction with its functions to support the end user and a completely safe cooking. We also looked at the greenest part of our sector, trying to introduce packagings with a low environmental impact.

Today, more than in the past, we want to be close to people who became passionate about cooking and people who have always been, continuing to design new ideas and new lifestyles.

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Plus X Award 2015 and 2016, German Design Award 2017, TÜV certification on Quality Management System since 2008
Airforce is a top quality Italian induction hobs and cooker hoods manufacturer. We firmly believe that the design of each product must aim at the perfect synthesis of aesthetics and functionality, technology and efficiency
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